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Using your Non-Dominant hand


Since a lot of pain is due to torsion of the fascia due to over use of the dominant hand, patients with chronic pain due to a particular repetitive action can try to use their non-dominant hand more often to reduce the torsion. Learn to brush your teeth, grab your cup with your non-dominant hand, it is not only good for training the brain but also good for fascia structure.

既然很多慢性疼痛的患者都是由于全身的筋膜扭曲造成的,而筋膜的旋转又是很多时候由于惯用手使用过度导致的,所以对于很多人,学习使用非惯用手是一个很好的练习。无论是刷牙 或是拿杯子的等活动 如果多一些使用非惯用手 可以让惯用手得到适当的休息 同时改善整体筋膜结构。

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