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Case study: Right elbow numbness and pain

For a few months, the medial side(inner side) of the right elbow will exhibit numbness and pain whenever the elbow is straightened, the 4th and 5th finger tips also had periodic pain Patient undergone massages and physiotherapy sessions with no improvement, the patient went for several examinations including nerve conduction test and the results were normal. As current treatment had no relief, the orthopedic specialist suggested nerve blockage procedure on the elbow to manage the pain and numbness.

The patient came to me as a last resort to see what can be done. On the first consultation I realized that the right forearm flexor muscles were tight and the right ribs were also tight. Structures such as this is the result of overuse of the dominant hand and ribs are pulled by the forearm. Overtime, the misaligned ribs will also in turn affect the forearm muscle, resulting in a negative loop.

The key is to release the forearm muscles and align the fascia with the ribs so that the entire system has enough space within the fascia to operate, so that the elbow can be straightened without pain. After 20+minutes of treatment, the pain and numbness of the elbow that had bothered her for months improved immediately, although the fascia structure would still require follow up sessions to stablize.

This is a classical example of a muscular issue, and not a nerve impingement issue. The numbness does come from the nerve, but the nerve is only compressed because of the tight structure, once the structure tension decreases, the numbness will improve.

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