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Xue Yi TCM is an unique Medical Centre that specializes in soft joint adjustments to treat all kind of pain syndromes. 

"Joint adjustments" are techniques that uses the hand and acupuncture to change the position of bone, fascia, muscle and even the skin in order to achieve a certain structure. Soft bone adjustments embraces unique advantages on safety and gentleness for all age of people, including kids, elderly as well as pregnant woman.

It is also effective in achieving long term pain relief,  when all of the structures (including skin, muscle and bone) be aligned together in one direction.


Physician Huang Hsueh Yi
Chief Physician

  • Masters in Acupuncture and Tuina, ChengDu University of Chinese Medicine

  • Bachelor in TCM, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

  • Bachelor in Biomedical Science (1st hon), Nanyang Technological University 

  • Diploma in Biotechnology (Gold medalist), Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Physician Huang graduated from the pioneer batch of biomedical sciences/TCM double degree program in NTU.  He has studied under Singapore tcm orthopedic specialist Dr Cha Heng Choy as well as tuina specialist professor Peng De Zhong of Chengdu TCM University.


Physician Huang specializes in using acupuncture/soft joint adjustment methods to treat pain. His unique style of treatment has garnered positive reviews from many patients.

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