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Less is More

Many people have the notion that increasing the variety of therapy will increase the overall efficacy of treatment. Customers sometimes schedule multiple sessions of physiotherapy, chiropractic adjustments and TCM acupuncture/massages a week, with each physician solving the problem from a different perspective.

With regards to pain management, differing modalities of treatments can enhance each other so long as the overall approach is the same, meaning the direction and force of release for muscle/fascia is similar. However, when the methods differ significantly, the fascia will be stretched in all kinds of directions, resulting in a muscular structure which is extremely complex and hard to treat.

There is a saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth” , which is the case for some people who seek to do too much and engage in all kinds of therapy, only to aggrevate the existing condition. Simplicity can be a good thing in terms of treatment, and sometimes, less is indeed more.

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