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Car Shaft & Fascia/Bone Structure

Car Shaft and Fascia are more related than most people realize. A car shaft rotates the wheel and supports the weight of the car. Similarly, the fascia structure determines the mobility of

the body (rotates the wheel) a

nd bone structure supports the weight of the body.

When there is a problem with the car shaft, we need to recalibrate it for the stability of the vehicle. We usually won't ask the mechanic "How do I drive with a problematic vehicle?" , but rather, we will try to fix the vehicle alignment. In the same way, for many patients with chronic pain, the fascia is twisted and tight, there is a need to release and re-align the fascia/bone structure.

Patients often ask "What do I need to do

to release the fascia and muscles? Do I stretch it everyday? Do I massage it often?" . To me, its analogous to changing your driving habits in order to suit a faulty vehicle.

If a muscle can be released on its own, it would have done so long ago, chronic pain that lasts months or years is due to multiple muscular systems in the body being over-used or misaligned due to previous injuries, the fascia systems interlock and restricts themselves, causing muscles to be over-stretched and

unable to be released from its position. These conditions require specific treatments over a period of time to create space within the fascia so that the muscles can have a higher chance of being released.

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