HUANG HSUEH YI      黄学义中医师

Physician Introduction 医师介绍

Physician Huang Hsueh Yi graduated from the pioneer batch of biomedical sciences/TCM double degree program in NTU.  He has studied under Singapore tcm orthopedic specialist Dr Cha Heng Choy as well as tuina specialist professor Peng De Zhong of Chengdu TCM university .   Physician Huang specializes in using acupuncture/soft joint adjustment methods to treat pain and his unique style of treatment has garnered positive reviews from many patients. He previously worked at NTU tcm clinic and kin teck tong.

黄学义医师是新加坡南洋理工大学生物医学/中医双学位课程的首届毕业生。毕业后,曾与新加坡骨伤名医谢幸财医师学习,后赴成都中医药大学师从“西南第一推”手法专家彭德忠教授。 擅长运用骨伤针法与 软性正骨手法来治疗各种痛症,得到许多患者的认可。黄医师曾在南洋理工大学中医诊所以及庆德堂担任医师。


Educational Qualifications  学历 

Masters in Acupuncture and Tuina                    

ChengDu University of Chinese Medicine

Bachelor in TCM                                                    Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Bachelor in Biomedical Science (1st hon)                    Nanyang Technological University 

Diploma in Biotechnology (Gold medalist )        

Ngee Ann Polytechnic



南洋理工大学生物医学学士 (一等荣誉)

义安理工学院生物科技文凭 (金牌)

                   Painless Treatment !                                           无痛正骨 ​

Physician Huang specializes in using painless and gentle techniques to treat pain.  No sudden cracking or painful tuina,  it is an unique and effective way to relieve pain utilizing only the hand of the physician.

​黄医师主要是使用轻柔的手法来调整筋膜以达到缓解疼痛的效果。全程治疗没有使用任何的顿挫力,是相当温和的治疗方法, 对于各类的慢性疼痛有很好的效果。

Clinic Operating Hours

Mon - Fri
      11am - 8pm    


Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Address & Contact

  50 east coast road                 #02-126

      roxy square ii


           (Beside Grand Roxy Mercure Hotel)

Buses: 15, 31, 36, 43, 48, 134, 135, 196, 197, 853

                 Call/ Whatsapp:   92799050



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