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Misconception #2 伤科误区 #2

Frequent massages can allow the muscles to be less tight or "softer"

Gentle massages has its benefits including improving blood circulation, improving mood etc, however not all forms of massage can relax the muscles. In fact the majority of massage techniques not only doesn't relax the muscles, it makes it harden.

To prove this point, people who frequently massage often need increasing pressure to achieve the same stimulation as compared to when they first started, a sign there is fibrosis and hardening of the soft tissue.

A lot of times this is interpreted by the therapist as the patient getting healthier hence able to withstand higher pressure compared to before. Unfortunately, prolonged fibrosis means that when pain does come, the fascia has very little room for compensation, resulting in severe pain.

This is the number one reason for chronic pain among all of the patients I have seen over the last decade.


轻柔的按摩可以达到放松的效果,但是大部分坊间的按摩手法其实无法让肌肉放松 反而是让肌肉变硬。


许多治疗师会解释到这是你更健康 所以更"受力"。其实并不是如此。肌肉不断纤维化的结果就是筋膜的空间变少 导致疼痛发生时候任何体位都无法缓解。 肌肉纤维化,筋膜空间减少是疼痛发生的第一大元凶。

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