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Misconception #1 伤科误解 # 1

Pelvic has to completely align to be normal.

There is a wide spread notion that for the human body to be healthy, all of the vertebrae and especially the pelvic needs to be perfectly aligned, meaning there is no tilt or rotation to the left or right.

The key to why the pelvic as well as the vertebrae will have rotation is that none of us use both arms (and legs) with equal frequency and strength. For right hand dominant people, the pelvic will rotate towards the right and vice versa.

This difference in usage is the reason why although the pelvic can be adjusted to temporarily align with both sides at same height, once you start to use it the muscle imbalance in the body will pull the pelvic back to its original position. Which is why you will find that although you keep getting adjusted, the alignment will always be off the next time you consult.

So if rotation of the pelvic is within acceptable range, there is no need to keep forcing it back to position, and even when there is a need for the pelvic to re-align, it makes more sense to restore overall muscle balance so the muscle doesn’t pull the structure back after treatment.





如果盆骨有正常范围内的旋转,其实是不需要调整的,就算盆骨歪斜严重,真正需要着力的地方是全身的筋膜肌肉系统, 要不然骨头对上后也无法维持住。

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