• David Huang

橘子的启发 Inspirations from an orange




Today I happen to buy an orange, when I felt it in my hands, the skin of the orange actually differs in tightness, some areas are tighter than others. This is because, the flesh inside the orange have differing densities at various regions, hence affecting the tightness of the skin. This is when I realized, it is the same as TCM orthopedic diagnostics.

In TCM, no matter if its looking at the tongue or pulse, it is observing the external to get an idea of the internal changes in the body. Take the human skin for an example, its tightness and tension is just the same as the orange mentioned above, the human skin tension is determined by the muscle tension as well as fascia space underneath the skin.

For example, if a person over contracts a certain muscle, causing the muscle to be tight and rotated, this will in turn cause the skin on top to be tight and relatively less mobile. So the TCM diagnostic of skin, is the same as tongue or pulse, it is a way to observe the external, in order to understand the current circumstances of the internal structure.

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